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HS Fall League 2019

What: Hotlanta's HS Fall League  

Who: Girls HS players* (graduation years 2020,2021,2022 & 2023) *8th graders can play with admin permission *(PLEASE NOTE - NO player younger than 8th grade is permitting to participate)

Where: Kell High School 5770 Lee Waters Rd. Marietta GA 30066 (stadium turf field & practice field)

When: Sundays September 8th through October 27th (teams will alternate Sundays - see schedule below)

How:  Players must register individually and request a team (players who are joining without a team will be placed on a house team and provided a coach)


Welcome to Hotlanta's 21st Annual HS Fall League!! e.  

Team Divisions - We will be offering two division for teams:  Division I (Varsity level teams) and Division II (JV level teams).  The two divisions will play on alternating Sundays, with each team playing 2 regulation games on each game day.  Division I game days are Sept 8th, Sept 22nd and October 6th and Division II game days are Sept 15th, September 29th and October 20th.  
To Register - All players must register individually through our online registration system.  Fall league fee is $150 per player.  

What's Included for All Participants:

- Team reversible for all players;
- 6 regulation games, with an end of season tournament;
- College Coaches Recruiting Day (Oct 27th);
- Discounted team rate for participation in the Night Fall Tournament (Oct 12th & 13th).
- Top GA womens' lacrosse officiating
- Certified Trainer on site
Team/Coach Questions - If you have questions about team registration or scheduling, please contact Pam McNabb at 404-423-8177 or Ruth McNabb at 770-940-3812.

League Schedule:

A. Division I Schedule
    1) Sept 8th (2 games);
    2) Sept 22nd (2 games);
    3) October 6th (2 games);
    4) End of Season Tourney - Oct 27th
B. Division II Schedule 
    1) September 15th (2 games);
    2) September 29th (2 games); 
    3) October 20th (2 games); 
    4) End of Season Tourney - Oct 27th
Game Times - All game times will be scheduled between 11am - 5pm on Sundays.  
End Of Season Tournament For Both Dvisions will be October 27th at Kell.


1.  Can I request to be on a team with my friends even if we are not joining with a full team?  Yes you can.  We will try to honor all team requests, whether it's with a team or a small group of friends.

2.  I am a parent organizer and we do not have a coach for our team, can one be provided for us?  Yes, we can provide you with a coach for an additional charge.

3.  As the team organizer, can we choose which Division we put ourselves in for games?  Yes, you can absolutely chose whether to place your team in Division I or Division II.

4.  What if our team is on fall break or cannot make a day that is scheduled for our division?  We will try to accommodate schedules and team requests as much as possible.  

5.  If I have two teams, can they play back to back so I can coach both?  Again, we will try to accommodate all schedule requests best as possible but we cannot guarantee this at all times.

6. If I'm short on players one day, can I invite players from another team or from outside the league to join me?  No, you cannot have someone who is not on your official roster join you for your game.  If you are down players enough where as you will play man down, the administration will try to get you some fill in players.  But because we are keeping weekly standings that affect the end of season tournament seedings, we cannot allow players not on your team to participate without administration's prior approval. (see below for exception to this rule)

7. What do I do if I do not have a goalie?  Not having a goalie is the one exception to double rostering that we allow.  If a team does not have a goalie for a day, one from another team can be borrowed for their game.  

8.  Will teams be provided with pinnies?  Yes, each team will be given pinnies on the first day and coaches or a parent representative should provide Hotlanta with their team roster with numbers so we can provide it to college coaches. 

9.  Will every team have a spot in the end of season tournament no matter what their record?  Yes, every team will participate in the championship tournament.  Winning team in both divisions will receive Championship T-shirts!

10.  What is the discount for fall league teams to participate in the Night Fall Tournament?   All teams participating in the fall league get a $300 discount for the Night Fall Tournament.  Night Fall tournament is on October 12th & 13th at Atlanta Sports City.  More info and registration can be found at Southern Edge Tournaments.