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WHO WE ARE…..Hotlanta Lacrosse is an organization which educates both players and parents in all aspects of the sport of women’s lacrosse.  Our organization focuses on player development through comprehensive programs that meet the needs of players of all ages and skill level.


OUR STORY…..Hotlanta originally began as Dixie Chix Lacrosse Academy in 1999, when two teammates from Atlanta Women’s Lacrosse Club discovered that metro Atlanta lacked knowledge of the girls’ game of lacrosse.  In many ways, this meant preserving the women’s game and ensuring that girls were being taught the proper fundamentals.  Hotlanta expanded from clinics, camps, and leagues and added a competitive club program in 2001.  The organization has continued to expand and is dedicated to the growth of the women's game in our area.  


OUR MISSION.....To foster the growth of women’s lacrosse by providing programs and services which inspire participation in the sport, while simultaneously preserving the integrity of the game.


OUR GOAL.....To empower the female athlete to reach both her performance excellence in lacrosse and her personal excellence in life. 


OUR BELIEF…..We believe that participation in the sport of lacrosse provides a powerful vehicle for a player’s personal growth and development, teaching the value of respect, fairness, teamwork, communication, responsibility, truthfulness, honesty, and integrity.  These values serve as the core ideals for the US Lacrosse Code of Ethics and the core belief of Hotlanta Lacrosse.


OUR PHILOSOPHY.....Commit, Challenge & Complete – Hotlanta Lacrosse believes that through the 3 C’s we can accomplish our goal of building more than great players. 

      COMMIT “Every single day I wake up and commit myself to becoming a better player.”  Mia Hamm

At Hotlanta, the term “commit” is reciprocal between our players and coaches.  We expect our players to commit to themselves, their teammates,  and to improving their game. In addition, we expect our players to make decisions in their daily lives that support such success and committment.  The Hotlanta coaching staff commits themselves to the individual players’ success as well as their team’s success.  Our staff sets benchmarks for players and teams and commits to doing whatever it takes to attain those goals.

         CHALLENGE “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” Fred DeVito 

At Hotlanta, we believe that challenge causes growth and that every challenge we face is an opportunity to create a more skillful self.  The term “challenge” is also reciprocal for players and coaches.  Our coaches build solid relationships with their players which inspires players to challenge themselves and push themselves beyond where they thought they could go.  Our coaches teach players how to examine themselves and reach their full potential.  Our staff motivates players to pursue excellence in every part of their lives and encourages them to take risks and stand out among their peers. 

      COMPLETE “Complete players are convinced that they can help their team on either end of the field; they have the mindset and mental toughness to contribute, no matter what the situation.” Janine Tucker

Hotlanta focuses on the “complete” player by teaching the skills and strategies necessary to be successful on the field and how these skills translate to their life and success off the field. 


OUR STAFF…..The foundation of our organization is built on a commitment to excellence in coaching.  Our coaches possess a strong desire to make a difference in players’ lives.  Most of our coaches have played the women’s game at the collegiate level and understand the game from a player’s perspective.  Our staff stays informed on current techniques and new developments through membership in US Lacrosse and continuing education courses.  Our staff is trained and experienced in coaching at many competitive levels, as well as aware of the nuances of coaching female athletes.  They recognize the opportunity they have to assist young women in developing healthy self-images and build a solid sense of self-esteem and self-confidence.  Our coaches are building more than great players; they are building strong confident young women.


OUR PLEDGE.....Our pledge to your family is to always provide services conducted with integrity and honor.   We pledge to build relationships based on trust and open communication.  We pledge to treat you with professional respect and courtesy, regardless of any differences.  We pledge to give your daughter the necessary tools to become the “complete player.”